Medical Services

Established in 2000, the SOS Clinic is an urgent care facility that provides quality walk-in treatment for those who have no health insurance. While there is no charge for services at the SOS Clinic, patient donations are encouraged and appreciated.

The SOS Clinic is staffed by volunteer providers and nurses who address a broad spectrum of health issues, including high blood pressure and diabetes. In some cases, referrals are made to local specialists who may waive all or part of their fees.

Conditions NOT managed at the Clinic are disability determinations, childhood immunizations, drug testing, and pregnancy-related issues.

Clinic hours are limited to physician availability, so patients with serious conditions that require frequent monitoring will be encouraged to find a primary care physician for follow-up.

The SOS Clinic is not an emergency room.  Patients with life-threatening situations should call 911.


When medication is indicated, the staff physician will provide samples or, whenever possible, access to a discounted prescription.  

The SOS Clinic does NOT stock narcotic medications or other controlled substances.


Patients requiring mental health support are given appropriate referrals for no-charge appointments.


Classes focusing on wellness, prevention, nutrition, and lifestyle changes will be offered.


If these service do not meet your needs, see our community resources page.