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oct 03, 2012

Exercise, Fruits & Veggies May Lengthen Life

Lengthen your life with fruits/veggies and exercise!  A new study done on women ages 70-79 found that participants who ate more fruits and vegetables and exercised more significantly lengthened their lives.  Find out...[Leer más]

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may 10, 2012

What makes working out easier?

Simple changes to your daily routine can help ANYONE live a more active life. Click here to see these tips from the Mayo Clinic on how to get active![Leer más]

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may 08, 2012

Prevent Whooping Cough

What can you do to keep yourself from getting whooping cough (also known as pertussis)? Do you know the signs and symptoms? Click here to learn the CDC recommendations on whooping cough. FREE vaccine is available at the clinic.[Leer más]

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mar 28, 2012

Ten Tips to Waste Less Food, from Cooking Matters

From Cooking Matters- The average American family throws out $1600 worth of food each year.  Click here to view ten tips to save healthy food and money.[Leer más]

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mar 21, 2012

Waiting It Out is the Best Policy for Colds Antibiotics won’t chase away a cold any quicker than watchful waiting.According to a randomized, controlled trial, antibiotic treatment does not improve the sniffles and stuffiness (called acute...[Leer más]

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mar 19, 2012

Diet, Exercise, and Weight Are Major Contributors to Health - Lifestyle may reduce risk of early death by 42%. The Cancer Prevention Study ll Nutrition Cohort shows that  people who maintain a BMI within normal range, exercise 30 or more minutes daily, and eat a...[Leer más]

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mar 13, 2012

A Hot Dog a Day Raises Risk of Dying, Harvard Study Finds

Bloomberg News- Nicole Ostrow on March 12, 2012A daily meal of hot dogs, bacon or hamburgers raises the risk of dying from heart disease or cancer by as much as 21 percent, according to the largest assessment of the health...[Leer más]

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mar 13, 2012

Poorer, Obese Adults Might Benefit From Behavior-Change Program Both blood pressure and weight decreased slightly, study finds

US News and World Report- MONDAY, March 12 (HealthDay News) -- A behavioral intervention program helped low-income obese people lose a few pounds and improve their blood-pressure control, according to a two-year study.The study,...[Leer más]

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feb 23, 2012

Exercise Affects Your Mood

It's no secret that exercise strengthens your heart, aids in weight loss, and helps prevent a host of other health risks. But did you know regular exercise can help you feel better and improve your mood? In a recent study,...[Leer más]

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feb 23, 2012

Breakfast Consumption Reduces Heart Risks

Breakfast reduces cardiovascular risk and obesity. Recent research into the effects of breakfast on cardiovascular risk in Italians shows that individuals who eat breakfast have lower CVD risk, enjoy better physical health, and...[Leer más]

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feb 21, 2012

Light Physical Activity Good for the Kidneys

From One hour of light physical activity per day improved kidney filteration rates by 3-6%.A new analysis of the NHANES data finds that individuals who spent more than an hour a day in light physical activity...[Leer más]

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feb 06, 2012

Supplement Safety

Many new supplement ingredients are introduced without any regulatory oversight. Americans spend more than $28 billion annually on vitamins, minerals, herbals and other "natural" products in the form of dietary...[Leer más]

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